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Back from NYC! Character section mini-update! :D


We had an awesome weekend at the New York Comic Con! Thank you to all our new friends and all the familiar faces that stopped by the booth! :) The next convention up on the schedule is Anime Central in Chicago, IL! We have some great things planned for this year and can't wait to return to Rosemont!

The character section has gotten a mini-update! The newest characters in the Kyoot family have been added with descriptions and back stories. We are working on a full character section overhaul so keep your eyes peeled for that too! The Webcomic is also going to be cooking very soon with the first pages in the Berry Ninja story arc!! :D

4/17/2008: New Products added to the shop! Seeya in New York!

The Dancin' Mo (The Bump-bump Bag) has been added to the shop along with the new Happi Paper bag!! Click on the What's New section to check 'em out or come to the booth during the New York Comic con to pick up your very own! We will also have a brand new color for the Kyoot Bear t-shirts!! :D

4/14/2008: Going to the Big Apple!

We are heading back up to the Big Apple this weekend for New York Comic Con! We will have a full stock of Dancin Mo stuff, including NEW Bags and aprons! Happi Paper will also *finally* have his own messenger bag!! Come see us in Booth 2803 and be sure to give Happi a hug!! We are in the far back corner of the dealer's hall in AnimeLand/Dealer's Den. Click here for a map of the dealer's hall...a few notes have been added for the curious. :3

Also! The Dancin Mo Bags and Happi Bags will be added to the site shortly. All back-ordered hoodies will ship out on Wednesday as we will have our Women's Fitted Wings back in stock as well as some of the Men's Hoodies. Another restocking with new colors will be shipping in after NYCC at the beginning of May! :D

4/1/2008: Back from Seattle! Next up: New York Comic Con!!

Wow! Talk about March Madness! We just got back from Seattle and are working hard on new products and restocking a ton of out of stock items. Thank you all who stopped by the booth to shop and visit with us at Sakura Con! We really enjoyed meeting you and look forward to seeing you again next year! Thank you as well to the fantastic (squealing *^_~*)Staff of Sakura Con for putting together such a fun and engaging convention! You guys rock!!!

Next up on the travel roster is New York Comic Con! Around that time we should have a full restock of Dancin' Mo as well as some new colors and Dancin' Mo aprons and bags too! There will also be a new surprise design sneaking it's way onto a bag! Keep your eyes peeled for the new additions to the shop and also for the Samu Rye shirts, Berry Ninja guy's tee as well as a brand new Happi tee for guys and a Happi Paper messenger bag!

3/25/2008: Back from Boston! Heading to Seattle!

Anime Boston was totally INSANE!!!! Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth! It was great to see you!! We can't wait to come back for AB 2009!!! :D If you missed coming to Anime Boston, we will be back up in New York in a few short weeks for the New York Comic Con! Please come and see us!

Next stop: Seattle!!! We are coming to Sakura Con this weekend!!! Happi Paper will be out in force spreading hugs and kyoooootness galore!! Please stop by our booth (439) to chat and pick up the kyootest t-shirts around! :D

For anyone who was attending the Happi Panel, we sincerely apologize for the cancellation! Happi was pretty sick Saturday morning and so wasn't able to go dancing. [:(] He did make a short appearance around the booth for the swag toss originally scheduled for the panel room.

3/18/2008: Heading to Boston!

Woohoo!!!! We are heading out to Boston!! The Happi Hour Happi Paper Panel is on for Saturday at 1:30PM in Room 309!!! There will be dancing!!! There will be hugs and glomping and fluffiness!! We will be giving away FREE HAPPI PAPER TSHIRTS so don't miss out!!! :D

3/10/2008: MegaCon Madness!

OMG MegaCon!! First of all, a great big ARIGATOU to all those who came to Happi's panel!!! It could not have been such a wonderful success without you!! [:3] Thank you so much and Happi looks forward to seeing you again next year at Megacon 2009!!

Another great big Happi glomp goes to all who visited our booth and stopped to chat and shop!! We loved meeting all our new friends, not to mention seeing so many familiar faces from last year! Thank you, all!!! :D

As promised, the second half of the new product line shall be popping up on the shop in the next couple days! If you didn't get a chance to see them in Orlando, prepare yourself for the Queen of Kyoot: Dancing Mo and her faithful guardian, Samu Rye!! Also, we've got a huge apron overload!!! Check out all the new styles and get cookin, Kyooties!! ;)

2/28/2008: New Products up!

The new products are up in the shop! Click on the "Recently Added" menu tab to see the awesome new stuff!!! :D

2/22/2008: Kinyoubi desu!

Wooo! It's Friday! Two weeks until Megacon in Orlando, Florida!! Happi Paper will be there!!! He will have his own panel from 12:30-1:20PM on Saturday in Room S329! We will be right next to the anime voice actor's panels so please stop by for some fun, dancing and cupcakes!! :D
Pre-orders are going up on the new bags, aprons and t-shirts! Check out the What's New section in the shop for the most recent updates!

2/18/2008: Full Restocks coming in, 3 New Designs! TATTOOS!

Alrighty!!! We've got a full restock coming in of our bags, aprons, and Wings merch, plus three brand new designs! There will be a new Momo tee and two new characters on bags! Pre-Orders for the new designs will be going up in the next week. We will also be adding several new bags and aprons of current designs including a Berry Ninja Messenger bag and a Kyoot Bear bag! Women's/Junior's Wings hoodies in black will be fully restocked as well as the adult/unisex sized line. Temporary tattoos of the main BeKyoot Crew are coming very soon! The first designs up are Happi and Momocheet mini tats and a larger Wings Tat! :D We'll be releasing them during conventions and over the next few weeks on the website!

Kendra and I have been working on our own BeKyoot blogs! If you want to get a peek behind the scenes or comment directly at us, then please check them out! Kendra's BeKyoot Blog, Christy's BeKyoot Blog We love comments and questions...also if you have any requests, feel free to voice them there or in the forums!

1/31/2008: New Site Design appearing! :D

Slowly but surely it's starting to appear! Look for some new features coming up in the next couple of days!

1/17/08: New Features coming plus BeKyoot Blogosphere! The Happi Paper Show!

The first episode of the Happi Paper Show has been released! Go check it out on youtube!

In the next few days there will be some really cool additions to the BeKyootosphere! Both Kendra and myself will be launching onsite blogs where you can read about everything from art to cosplay to movies and more!

A massive restock and new product release is in the works! We'll have several new bags, and a full restock of Wings merch coming in very soon!

1/3/08: Countdown to the Be Kyoot Winter SALE!

Alright guys and gals! The Be Kyoot Winter Blowout starts Monday!! It won't run forever and supplies are limited so be sure to check it out! There will be a special freebie for all orders over a certain amount and some of our most popular styles will be slashed down 40-60%!! More details will be revealed as the date approaches. If you are on our mailing list, keep your eyes peeled for a special news blast as the sale nears!

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